29 October 2017

Get a Dart-lang web dev environment installed for Visual Studio Code

This is for Windows, but it's pretty easy to figure out for Linux too.

Open Visual Studio Code and use the addon installer to install the Dart Code plugin from Danny Tuppeny

From the Dart site, download and install the dart-sdk.

Put the location of the sdk on your $PATH variable

C:\Program Files\Dart\dart-sdk\bin

Use Dart's pub tool (Dart's package manager) to install stagehand (the Dart project generator). In the terminal run

pub global activate stagehand

Then add the following to you $PATH (replacing your_username)


You will be using Dartium you view your web apps. Dartium is bundled with the Windows install of the SDK. You can find it in

C:\Program Files\Dart\chromium\chrome.exe 

Create a shortcut for convinience. Note: Dartium will no longer be needed from Dart 2.0.

To run a test app, create a test folder and open it in VS Code. Open the VS Code terminal and run

stagehand web-simple

Your test folder should be populated with the broilerplate dev files.

Provision the required packages by running

pub get

To launch your test app run

pub serve

Note the response (mine was http://localhost:8080/) and open that in the Dartium browser. You should see Your Dart app is running. You can still test apps in any other browser by opening the same address in that browser, but it may take a several seconds to build (check the terminal for feedback).

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